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July 5th, 2006

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10:44 pm - The last two days
So I haven't updated for a couple days now, I think.  So I'll see if I can't fill ya'll in on what's happened!

I'm having difficulty remembering what went one the other day.  I do remember waking up thinking that I needed to stay awake because I had to call into work to find out if they needed me to come in...but I fell back asleep and woke up after I was supposed to call in, and called in...but they didn't need me to come in.  I think I played video games with my roommate after that...but all the days are kind of running together.  After that, I think it was mostly lounge around the house.  I ended up starting one of my favorite movies, "The Snow Queen."  But I stopped watching it once Theresa showed up.  They went to see "Cars," and I stayed home.  When they returned we went swimming in our pool!!  It was quite refreshing, but being I'm out of shape, I got tired quickly.

We came back, and I went to the grocery store.  I asked if Theresa and Ashley wanted to go with me but they both said no.  I spent only 16 dollars on my groceries, YEA!  I walk out into the parking lot and a car honks at me, and here it is Ashley and Theresa!  They decided to come and see if the liquor store was open.  Well it wasn't so, we ended up going into the store (again for me).  I spent 7 more dollars or so on more groceries.  And they bought a few things as well.

Once home, we played taboo, ate lots of food and I talked with Josh.  Josh then decided to come to St. Cloud.  WOOOHOOO!!!  So I stayed up playing Tetris, and Josh got to St. Cloud around 2:30 - 3:00.  It was joyous!!  I was so glad to see him, cause I felt like I hadn't seen him for 3 weeks ...  And he is SO FUCKING hott with his black hair, I don't give a flying fuck about what other people say!!!  And his eyes, are so beautiful I sometimes get lost in them ......... hell not sometimes, most of the time.  That and I love the way he touches me, it feels so good.  *sigh* I'm so smitten.

Because I don't feel like going into great detail at this time, I'm going to sum up my fourth in a few statements.

1.  I woke up and went to work.  Working from 11 - 2.
2.  Came home to my beautiful boyfriend and it got X-rated.
3.  We went back into Bath & Body Works so some of my co-workers could meet Josh, and so I could get more wallflowers.
4.  We (Josh and I) went to Clements and Munsinger Gardens, walked around all couple like.  Sat in Lara and my "boyfriend" bench, and it was lovely.
5.  Went to see the firework display in St. Cloud ... gosh, getting there was stressful and made me VERY pissed!
6.  Played Skip-bo with Josh and Ashley, and ate a whole bag of Tostitos.
7.  The rest is also X-rated.

All in all, it was one of the best 4th of July's I've ever had.  THANK YOU HUNNY!!!!!  *mwah*!

I'm done.  I'm tired.



P.S.  I'm going to Bea's tomorrow for REIKI!!!  And I'll update about today and tomorrow, tomorrow.
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