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July 15th, 2005

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10:24 pm - Another Dream
Here's another dream!

August 3rd, 2004 End 4:35 ish

I don't recall much before this, but I managed to get to a parking lot...and I am at the bowling alley [old menomin lanes] (outside it). However, it's not the bowling alley anymore, inside is some kind of restaurant that was closed down. It's sort of “Perkins” like or country kitchen like. The name is like “Poc” or “Por” or “Pop” or something like that. I look inside, but see no one there, it also reminds me of a movie theatre/restaurant Soon three kids about my age come out of the restaurant/theater which is SUPPOSED to be closed, yet is somehow open and they have popcorn! I don't know if they noticed me there right away or not, but it wasn't long before, what seemed (felt) like, the leader of the three noticed me. She started freaking out, she said something like...”What if he's the master?” I can't remember if master is the right word or not, but it was similar. She kept listing off similarities between me and her (their) “Master.” She said something to the effect of, “It MUST be him!” So she and the others went to their vehicle...I think they got a video camera and the “Leader” and/or the other girl (I can't remember which it was), began talking to me like I was some kind of child or animal. This whole time I had been standing in front of the window of the restaurant/theatre and was doing my laundry (of all things to be doing outside a restaurant/theatre!). I was messing around with this container of oxyclean that was all wet on the inside, but just the on top. One of the girls came over to me and kept trying to persuade me to come over to their vehicle, I had refused to speak at all in order to maintain the mysteriousness of the supposed “master”and I now remember that while they were talking to me earlier, I believe it was the guy, who said, “What if he can hear us talking about him?” “Maybe we should just leave him alone?” And that was all I heard from him, I think. What a sweet guy, treating me like a “normal” person, while still realizing that I am/could be special in some other way (as in their “master”). One of the girls said something like, “Who cares?” “He's not saying anything!”

Later, after they were still trying to get me to talk, I had to go to my car for something. Then I noticed that the tire on my mom's car (the car I guess I had driven) had MAJOR issues with one of the rear tires. And I noticed that it had a compartment in side of it (of ALL places, LOL!) and it was empty, except for one cable. It had, HAD my video camera in it, and then I noticed the care had been robbed and as I looked around the ca to see my mom's purse sitting in the grass open, I said, “Sorry, Mom...” I looked the car over and it had been picked over totally! I said something to the “leader” like, “I've been robbed!!”

And I think that is near to where this dream ended!

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